Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Preacher Was Dying to Marry Them

From The Carthage Republican (Carthage, Hancock County, Ill.), Thurs., 8 April 1869:

Clear Grit. —Would Marry ‘Em. A minister named Anthony, who was performing a marriage ceremony in Andersonville, Georgia, on Thursday last, while in the middle of the ceremony, was interrupted by the step-father of the lady, who ordered him to desist. He remonstrated with the intruder, telling him it was too late, and that he ought not to be guilty of such unseemly conduct. The man’s response was the raising and firing at almost point range, of a double-barreled shot gun loaded with buck-shot, the entire load taking effect in the lower part of his victim’s stomach. The brave old man fell to the floor, but by a tremendous effort, raised himself up and saying, ‘I will finish the job,’ proceeded with the ceremony and pronounced the couple man and wife. He then fell over and expired.

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