Monday, July 16, 2007

A Principal Rumor Without Principle

"I was born January 3rd 1950 . . . My name is my real name; my age is my real age," actress Victoria Principal said in an interview for "Someone on the internet, years ago, printed a different age than I am and I’m in the process legally of clearing that up," she adds. Online sources frequently give the actress’s birth year as 1946, and the topic of her true age is hashed on message boards. Some folks are adamant Ms. Principal was born in 1946, but a ship’s passenger list dated March, 1950 shows the future actress as a two-month old when she arrived in the US with her mother from her birthplace, Japan. There’s even some suspicion about the names of her parents, Victor Principal and Ree Veal. Does genealogical research reveal Ree Veal is real, as is Victor Principal? Yes, those are the names of her parents. Victoria Principal is Victoria Principal, and the manifest of the USNS Fred C. Ainsworth (Entry no. 3, List of In-Bound Passengers, no. 7, Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists, 29 March 1950) at the National Archives supports the 1950 birth date. See "Victoria Principal's Roots in the Peachtree State".

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